Advantages Of Silent Oil-Free Air Compressors

Jul 21, 2022


The air compressor operates in many places, such as laboratories, garages and factories. These machines are mainly used to supply air to machinery and come in various types. Silent and oil-free air compressors are becoming more common with rapid developments in technologies during this era of pollution-free industries.

Traditional vs Oil-Free Air Compressors
In a traditional air compressor, air is pumped out with the help of a piston within the compression chamber. The chamber has to be consistently lubricated with oil so that the compressor can operate smoothly. On the other hand, an oil-free compressor has pre-lubricated cylinders that are protected with a coating that keeps them permanently lubricated.  Oil-free air compressors are usually silent, making them practical for many uses in different industry fields. Here are four of their advantages:

2.Lesser Maintenance
Traditional air compressors will require regular oil changes, with their frequency depending on the type and what the compressor is used for. Changing the oil will require additional air & oil separator and filtration equipment to remove the oil aerosols. Moreover, the oil also has to be properly disposed of according to environmental regulations, which takes time and costs more money. Oil-free compressors remove the need for maintenance and disposal, providing users with lesser worries.

3.Lower Costs
Oil-free air compressors typically cost less due to their simple and robust designs. They use fewer parts as compared to traditional machines, meaning that there will be fewer replacement parts needed during a repair. Certain oil-free air compressors also come with regulators that automatically switch the compressor off when it is not in use. This helps users to save on energy and fuel consumption costs in the long run.

4.Multiple Applications
Due to its compact size and lighter weight, an oil-less air compressor can be easily lifted and transported for different tasks. This makes oil-free compressors suitable for multiple applications ranging from factories to the home. Being oil-free, they are also immune to leakage problems, allowing them to be tilted and placed in different directions.

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