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Electric Chain Hoists Vs. Manual Chain Hoists: What Is The Difference?

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A hoist is a piece of equipment that is used to lift and lower heavy loads. They are usually found in factories, warehouses, plants and construction sites. Due to their high carrying capacity, chain hoists make transporting heavy items easy and safe for employees on site.

There are three main types of chain hoists: electric, manual and air, with the first two being more commonly seen and used in the workplace. 

In this article, we will be comparing the electric and manual chain hoists.

How it works

  • Electric chain hoist: The electric chain hoist consists of an induction motor and brake that ensures the load is securely held when lifted. During operation, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy which then lifts the load. At the same time, as energy is supplied to the chain hoist, the brake is released which enables the hoist to lift the load off the ground. When the motor is off, the brake is resumed which enables the load to be held mid-air. 
  • Manual chain hoist: The manual chain hoist consists of two wheels that the chain is wound around. When the chain is pulled manually, the wheel will start to rotate along with the pulled chain. This enables the hoist to lift the load that is attached to the other end of the chain. Other chain hoist accessories like slings and chain bags can be attached to the end to help lift heavier loads more evenly. 


  • Electric chain hoist: Due to their superior braking power, faster lifting speed, and greater hoisting height and weight capabilities, electric chain hoists have more extensive uses. They can be applied in construction, docks and factories for lifting machinery and heavy materials around.
  • Manual chain hoist: Operating mainly on manpower, the lifting effects of manual chain hoists are not as ideal as compared to electric chain hoists. They tend to be used in smaller courtyards and garages to lift spare parts.


  • Electric chain hoist:As they operate on power, electric chain hoists help to save on crucial manpower, increasing work efficiency. They are hassle-free and can be easily operated with simple controls. Compared to their manual counterparts, electric chain hoists offer a much smoother and steady vertical lift, with a high degree of precision.
  • Manual chain hoist:Manual chain hoists do not require electricity or a power source, making them much more cost-effective and portable than electric chain hoists. Additionally, they are easier to repair and maintain in the long run due to the lack of wires or complex machinery.

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