Go Home Safety, Prevent Injury with Safety Guards for Machines

Aug 04, 2022


Working with machines increase your productivity, however without awareness to the prevention of machinery-related hazards, you and your workers are expose to risks which can lead to serious bodily injuries. In 2017, 125 workers working with exposed moving parts suffered from amputations.

Moving machine parts can cause death or serious injuries such as crushed limbs and amputations.

Not every machines are not designed adequately for safe use, it is necessary to make use of machine guards to prevent injury. Machine Guards are rigid physical barriers that enclose dangers such as rotating parts, flying chips and sparks, also restrict operator access to danger areas.

Understand that we should never compromise safety in favour of convenience, our in-house technician has made the safety guards for additional safety while operating machines such as scroll saws, drilling machines and lathe machines.

Safety Guards for Drilling Machines (Basic)

Safety Guards for Drilling Machines with limit switch

Safety Guards for Lathe Machines

Safety Guards for Scroll Saw Machines

Safety Guards for Sanding Machine

Safety Guards (Grid Guard) for Hydraulic Press Machine

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