Introducing Telwin XT Range Welding Machines

Aug 18, 2022


The XT Range is the new line of welding machines by Telwin with the “eXTreme” character. Powerful and strong, they are made for welders who don’t hold back in the most demanding work and most hostile environments.

If you are looking for exccellent performance, XT is the perfect choice wheen things get serious, with a job that challenges your ability.It is specifically for all of you who have always dreamed of going beyond the usual results: you no longer have any excuses, enter a truly powerful world


Technology XT by Telwin was designed to deal with any type of scenario and make everyday operations easier. Technology XT is a line of robust, solid, reliable, functional, and above all, safe welding machines. The MPGE (Multi Protection for MotorGenerator) models have a multiple protection systems that controls wavelength, the presence of filters against peaks inbound, and oscillation stabilization. A further guarantee by Telwin to ensure the performance of the product when used with a motor generator. The CE model welds cellulose and aluminum electrodes.

The XT Range by Telwin is powerful, performing, unstoppable: it has a duty cycle designed for heavy and professional use. It isn’t afraid of impossible welding, why should you?

XT is created to always accompany you, everywhere. Resistant to knocks and the most difficult transport, it will accompany you in the most demanding challenges.

XT Welds all types of electrodes, rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, and (model 238) even cellulose and in aluminum. It guarantees excellent performance with a power supply from a motor generator with voltage variations + / – 15%. It also welds in TIG with DC and scratch start, or with DC and lifts start (Advance model). Allow yourself to be surprised.

Carry XT anywhere your intervention is needed thanks to the solid, metal handle.

The XT line was designed and created by professionals for professionals. For over 55 years, Telwin has been making products for welders and welding experts with the maximum guarantee of design and know-how “Made in Italy”.

Technology 186 MPGE XT
Technology 236 XT

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