METABO Angle Grinder : More Power. In All Classes.

Aug 17, 2022


Metabo angle grinder : Powerful in Every application
classes 900W to 1,700 Watt.The right small angle grinder for any application:
  • For cleaning and deburring
  • For easy to demanding cutting and grinding applications
  • Intensive grinding applications industrial shift operation

  • Metabo Marathon-Motor with patented dust protection for long  service life

    Metabo Quick Tool Change without key, quickly, comfortably and safely   

    Autobalancer For minimal hand/arm vibrations and extended service life of grinding discs and machine

    900 – 1,100 Watt. The compact one.
    Light Cutting and grinding applications Cleaning and deburring.

  • Smallest handle circumference of its class
  • Adjustable speed *(WEV 11 – 125 Quick).

  • 1,300 Watt. The all-rounders.
    Medium to demanding cutting and grinding applications.

  • Fast work progress and long service life
  • Up to 50% less hand-arm vibrations (WA 13-125 Quick)

  • 1,500 Watt. The power packs.
    Demanding cutting and grinding applications

  • Longest service life in extreme applications

  • 1,700 Watt. The continuous grinder.
    Intensive grinding applications in industrial shift operation. Demanding cutting applications.
    Extremely powerful and long service life

  • Up to 50% less hand-arm vibrations (WEA / WEPBA 17-125 Quick)
  • Disc stops within a matter of seconds (WEPBA 17 -125 Quick)

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