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Every year, a significant number of workers incur bodily injuries from the use of machines, particularly those with exposed moving parts on milling machines, band saws, shears.

According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), hand injuries accounted for about 94% of all amputation cases at work last year and more than 70% of amputation cases that occurred over the past four years involved the use of industrial machines and tools.


of amputation cases involve in hand injuries


amputation cases occured past 4 years

With these alarming numbers, workers and supervisors should be more aware of the risk control measures.

In cases where risk control by inherently safe design measures is not possible, the use of machine guards and other physically implementable protective measures becomes the next critical approach to risk reduction.

Machine Guards are rigid physical barriers that enclose dangers such as rotating parts, flying chips and sparks, also restrict operator access to danger areas.

drilling machine with drill guard installed
Example of the machine guard on drilling machine

Understand that we should never compromise safety in favour of convenience, our in-house technician has made the safety guards for additional safety while operating drilling machines and sawing machines.

Our guard are designed to take into consideration:

  • all the intended uses of the machine;
  • the reasonably foreseeable incorrect use of the machines; and
  • all voluntary and involuntary movements of the operator.