Airbrush Compressor

An airbrush compressor is an electric device that supplies air to an airbrush gun. The airbrush gun uses this compressed air to atomise the paint, which means it makes the paint spray out in a fine mist.

Powerful Output Pressure
There are different voltages and amperages for airbrush compressors, so you can choose the one with the most power for your needs.
Having a good quality airbrush compressor will ensure you get the maximum performance from your airbrush without any problems at all!

– Faster painting times due to having more consistent flow control over your paint gun.
– Easier cleanup – less mess means less time spent cleaning up after a session.
– Multiple air settings.

Browse through our collection to experience the true ease and satisfaction of an air compressor for airbrushing.

Brands available: HAO SHENG, SIL AIR, WERTHER

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