Oil-less Air Compressor

Oil-less air compressors are a type of air compressor that does not require oil to operate. They are commonly used in the construction industry, garages and by DIY homeowners. Oil-less air compressors are portable and lightweight, with a large air tank used to supply air and maintain air pressure in machinery.

Our oil-less air compressors are MOM-certified and environmentally safe for use in multiple environments. As a leading air compressor supplier in Singapore, we offer a wide range of top brands in the market like Hitachi (Japan), Metabo (Germany), Fiac and La Padana (Italy) that cater to all of our customers’ requirements.

Browse our collection of oil-less and oil free air compressors that are suited for both home as well as commercial use. Read more about the exact specifications of our oil-less air compressor models below.

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