Silent Air Compressor

This silent air compressor is used to power pneumatic tools, such as nail guns, paint sprayers and air wrenches. The compressor pumps air into a storage tank, which is then released as needed through an outlet or hose.

Our silent compressors are more energy efficient due to the less electricity consumed to run at the same capacity as noisy ones do.

Your ultimate noise solution
Silent Air Compressors produce very low levels of noise (less than 70dB) making them suitable to operate in areas where there is a requirement to keep noise levels down such as offices or hospitals. Unlike traditional compressors, you have the added benefit of installing it closer to where people work – which is much more convenient for operators who need access to their equipment at all times.

-Operates comfortably in a noisy environment for very long.
-Lightweight to carry around and transport.
-Fast recovery time.

Meet the quietest air compressor on the market, one that puts out less than 79 dB of sound, even at maximum capacity. It is perfect for light-duty home or office use and excellent for indoor venues where there are noise restrictions. Browse through our collection today!

Brands available: SIL-AIR, WERTHER, CLEAN-AIR

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