Air Blow Gun

Designed for tough environments, the air blower gun works through a tapered nozzle which directs the flow of air, alongside an air reservoir, which holds enough compressed air to provide several bursts of air. The nozzle tip vibrates rapidly back and forth in order to create enough force to remove particles from the surface being cleaned.

Powerful air blasts in less time

Air blower guns are a great tool for blowing dust, water, powder, debris and various industrial or household cleanup and blow-off operations. They can also be used for blowing out electrical panels and other hard to access areas.


– Infinite adjustment of airflow.
– Compressed air ease handle activation.
– High user comfort.
– Ergonomic full control trigger.
– Separate push-in nozzles.
– Zero contamination.

Our air blower guns allow you to blow away using a high impact stream of air to remove small particles from hard-to-reach places.

Browse through the collection of air gun blowers offering versatile blowing forces with no cords involved!

Brands available: METABO

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