Battery Charger & Starter

A car battery charger provides a consistent flow of power, recharging or maintaining the charge of a vehicle device completely operated by a battery. To warrant a high quality battery charger, three functions are required: charging, stabilising, and terminating.

Automatic car battery chargers must be plugged into an electricity socket on the wall outlet and then the positive or red clamp terminals must be connected to the positive post of the car battery. Thereafter, the black clamp is connected to the negative or black side of the battery. Most of the chargers come with a charge indicator that suggests a warning LED light, or a blinking gauge showing the charge status rate in amps. This ensures the charger monitors each cell is fully charged without being overcharged or undercharged.

We have a wide range of portable car battery chargers in Singapore for different petrol-driven and diesel-driven vehicles that help reduce fuel consumption or toxic emissions.

Brands available: TELWIN, EINHELL

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