Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Specifically applicable for hydraulic systems, the hydraulic pipe bender machine is designed to help bend stiff pipes to form different angles and curves easily suiting your needs. It is able to bend a range of piping materials including brass, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Hydraulic pipe bending machines use quality pipes so the machines don’t buckle, which happens if the material going under pressure is harder than usual, leading to cracks and a deformed appearance. Pipes may be coated or uncoated. Bending angles range between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Radius of the hydraulic pipe bender varies on the wall thickness, outside diameter of the tube, and the angle of the tube to be bent.

Our hydraulic pipe bender machine models ensure a long lasting durability, while featuring multi-functional usage. Manufactured according to the highest safety assurance, the hydraulic pipe bender is of reasonable weight. Both hydraulic and motorized models are available.

Hydraulic oil must be replaced every year.

Brands available: HUAN HU, OMCN, EGA MASTER

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