Tile Cutting Machine

Now you can quickly and efficiently make straight cuts or curves in marble, granite or ceramic tiles using the tile cutter machine. It works by spinning a razor-sharp disc around a fixed axle, which slices through the material with very little effort. The non-slip plastic feet underneath the machine frame offers free-standing stability and balance.

Faster, sharper intricate cuts
The circular blades attached together form a disc with sharp edges on all sides. This blade is mounted on an electric motor which rotates at high speed to cut off the required portion of the material. The disc has enough power to get a straight cut at all times.


-Stainless steel work table with support for guiding standard tile sizes.
-Sturdy handle for neat and smooth cuts.
-Variable speed and stroke length.
-Diamond cutting disc.

Browse through our highly polished tile cutter machines saving you hours of cutting each one by hand!

Brands available: DALI, EINHELL, LONGDE

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