Aluminium Cutting Machine

The aluminium cutting machine makes straight, long cuts along the full length of a sheet of aluminium. Using a hydraulic ram, the material is clamped against a cutting wheel. The wheel is rotated by electric motor, the aluminium is then fed into the frame by screw or hydraulic cylinder. Passing a clearance gap, it is sheeted through one or more abrasive wheels, shaped with scissors and finally cut off at the opposite side of the frame.

The fastest way for precise cuts

Thanks to the high-speed spindle rotation and automatic tool change function, this type of machine achieves quicker productivity – from 1t/h to 2t/h or even more, depending on your product size, material thickness and processing requirements.


– Cuts large-sized aluminium sheeting without moving material.
– Integrated with a cooling system to reduce blade heat.
– Speed adjusting spindle.
– No production of fire sparks.
– Specially designed dust outputs available.

With efficient automation, our aluminium cutting machines can finish your cutting process in an effective way. Browse the collection in complete confidence!

Brands available: COBRA, EINHELL, MEP, BEITE

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