Electric & Manual Winches

Winches are mechanical devices that are used to pull in, let out or adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope. They are made for shifting heavy weights that most humans are not capable of moving themselves. Hup Hong Machinery has an extensive selection of high-quality winches to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need an electric winch for ease of use or manual control for versatility, our winches provide dependable performance and efficiency.


– Industrial lifting and pulling operations
– Construction and building projects
– Marine and offshore applications
– Warehousing and logistics

Long-Lasting Electric and Manual Winches from Hup Hong Machinery

We prioritise durability and endurance in our winches at Hup Hong Machinery. Our electric winches are made with strong motors and high-quality components to survive heavy-duty use in harsh conditions. The electrical winch lets you handle loads efficiently and safely by providing smooth and controlled pulling or lifting capabilities. Our manual winches include ergonomic features for ease of operation, providing dependable performance even in difficult conditions.

Browse our winches today to find the appropriate solution for your industrial, construction, or other needs.

Brands Available: ALLMAN, LE EASY, TIGER, COME- UP

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