AC Winch

This AC Winch exerts force on an object with consistent pulling power using a safety weight hook. When switched on, a motorised drum rotates continually, increasing the circumference of the cable and pulling the load as it unwinds. With numerous applications, the tool can help iron-work, construction industries and hardware machine shops.

High power grip in a matter of time

Allowing one person to individually accomplish a task, the electric winch has a variable speed, multi-disc clutch drum for smooth operation and reliable control when pulling heavy objects. An automatic load holding brake allows you to put your load in place, even when your motor is turned off.


– Built-in variable speed trigger.
– Ideal for lifting heavy loads.
– Moves materials up instead of at angles and pulls from ground level.
– Fewer voltage drops caused by long wire runs.
– Easily fits into a power outlet.

Allow the AC winch to do the work for you, keeping your equipment safe and reliable. Browse through our collection today!

Brands available: BADA, COME UP, LE EASY

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