Hydraulic Hole Puncher

This hydraulic hole punch features a powerful and robust punching process for punching holes in a variety of sheet materials. The punching station is equipped with a high-pressure pneumatic system that delivers precision hole creation every time.

The puncher itself sits inside an oil-filled reservoir that presses against a piston. When the unit is turned on, hydraulic pressure forces the piston forward and into the punch so it punches through the material. The pressure is then let out of the hydraulic press automatically, and it moves back into place for the next hole.

Also, standard robot cables make it easy to connect the hydraulic hole puncher to other machines on the production line.

Easy to use and sturdy, needs no power source
-The holes are perfectly round with no burrs or sharp edges.
-Consistent results with minimal operator involvement.
-It eliminates the need for multiple punches by allowing one to do the work of multiple punches.
-The depth of the hole can be adjusted by its height.

-Quickly changeable punch dies.
-Ergonomic handle.
-Wide variety usage of punching.

Browse our hydraulic hole punching machines designed to satisfy even the most demanding users thanks to its high operating accuracy.

Brands available: HUAN HU, Ehoma, TLP, TTMC

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