Air Hose Reel

Air hoses are lengthy tubing that transport pressurised air, gas or flow of water from one point to another. Since they are used for many situations such as high vacuum pumping, mining and automobile functionality, air hoses are made of rubber, PVC or polyethylene materials further backed by steel wire or a textile cord. Although it is all-weather flexible, air hoses may be prone to premature damage when frequently used and so are held together in an air hose reel.

Well-built and cylindrical in shape, the portable air hose reel conveniently rolls up the entire air hose according to the diameter, application scenario and length of the hose. They can be inserted on a fixed setting or movable areas.

Air hose reels allow easy dispensing with little to no hindrances during flow and operation. For maximum efficiency, proper mounting of the hose reel is recommended.

Brands available: FAICOM, GISON, XIEBO, HAILI

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