Hydraulic Crimping Tool

With the help of a hydraulic crimping tool, two cables, wires, or other flexible materials, such as hydraulic hoses, can be joined to an appropriate hose end. Using a hydraulic fluid mechanism, this tool enables you to crimp connections by transferring force from the user to the tool.

You can use the hydraulic crimping machine for plumbing, electrical wiring, and automotive assembly.

The lifespan of repairs is increased when you use the hydraulic crimping machine for the repair process because it is simple to carry out, doesn’t require a workshop, and can be done outside of it.


– Can exert a lot more force than mechanical crimpers and boost productivity with advanced digital interfaces.
– Little to no need for human input.
– More efficient than mechanical crimps in terms of time and effort.
– Due to less strain, work is accomplished more quickly than with human hands.
– prevents you from worrying about breaking larger diameter hoses when you crimp them.


– Two speeds are available, and can be automatically switched from a fast mould travel speed to a slower curling speed.
– A 360-degree rotating working head for smoothly running.
– Interchangeable crimping dies with different crimping geometries.
– A valve for highest pressure

Depending on your needs, there are different types of hydraulic crimpers. Each hydraulic crimping tool has a unique capacity. Look through our options and select what you want.

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