Lathe Machine

Lathe machines are used for cutting through the excess or unwanted parts of a material in order to shape and size it into a fine piece of work – whether it is a leg of a wooden table or a piece of metal rod or machine parts for repair works. This is usually done by attaching a workpiece in the chuck attached next to the spindle which rotates with the help of a motor to perform the task depending on its speed. A lathe machine is placed on a workbench and high accuracy is maintained at all times.

Main components of the lathe machine include the bed, spindle, thread chasing dial, headstock, tailstock and the transmission system. Lathe machines come in different sizes and shapes. They maybe used for large-scale production and at smaller technical workshops. As a versatile machine tool, lathe requires less labour to perform. It is used in almost all manufacturing industries to do various operations such as knocking, taper turning, knurling, threading, drilling and others.

Both wood and metal lathe machines are available.


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