Mini Lathe Machine

The mini lathe machine uses a tool known as a cutting tool that rotates around an object at high speeds while being controlled by the operator through various controls on the machine itself. These controls include levers, buttons or keys which allow to control the speed of rotation as well as other functions such as depth cuts or changes in direction of rotation.

Precision made easy
This product comprises a spindle as the main component, turning your material into a desired shape. The headstock is located at the opposite end of the spindle, and it has an opening where you can place your material for cutting purposes.

– It is lightweight and can be moved between locations if necessary.
– Eliminates human error.
– Fewer setups needed for any operation on the machine.
– Creates complex shapes with great accuracy.

Our lathe machines allow you to create more complex shapes without having to make multiple passes over your material.

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Brands available: MANIX, SIEG, TOPTECH

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