Hand Pallet Truck

The hand pallet truck is considered to be a useful tool for material handling in the warehouse. The wheelbase of the hand pallet truck is made from robust and heavy double-layer steel pipe. The wheels, axles and wheel bearings are continuously welded, as well as bearing housings.

The fork, which is powder-coated, has a ball bearing torsion suspension that enables centering and leveling even at low speed. This makes it possible to carry out seamless shipments without having to worry about overloading or side shifting.

Light and easy handling

With precisely controlled entry and exit rollers, our pallet trucks can haul large load capacities between 2500 and 5000kg, come with a weighing scale, which is indicated on an LCD display. In addition, the hand pallet truck reduces the risk of injury or accidents during periods of heavy activity due to its intelligent workload-optimised operating and steering functions.

Designed for high maneuverability, it is easy to transport, further minimising the strain on users’ wrists, arms and shoulders. 

Browse our collection of hand pallet jacks that are affordable and take up less space.

Brands available: NIU LI, OIC

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