Pipe Threading Machine

Developed using the latest technology, the pipe threading machine cuts internal and external threads at the end of metal pipes. This is achieved by a rotating cutter to form threads on the ends of pipes and fittings by impressing a pattern onto the ends of a pre-threaded rod. The process will make a hard job quite effortless, which allows operators to get their products out quicker than they would be able to otherwise. It also reduces waste by cutting only as much length off as required.

Excellent cutting performance

Many of our rotary threading machines have nimble adjustable cutters with less complicated adjustments on threading size, thread length, and microfine adjustment of thread diameter, which are primarily important for consistent functioning. 

The machine performs threading in a single pass, under quiet operation and does not cast out abrasive dust or flammable sparks. The end result our products can provide you is high quality threads that are round and evenly spaced, with minimal grinding or polishing necessary before assembly.

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Brands available: REX, LONG HUA

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