Sanding, Grinding & Polishing Machine

The polishing machine is an excellent all-around tool. With its rotating ‘wheels’, it is able to reduce the level of roughness while removing scratches and defects found on scratch- sensitive surfaces.

High quality polishes
Polishing machines are ideal for use on body panels made of plastic or metal. They can be used on wheels, bumpers, and generally remove scuffs or imperfections from paint surfaces. This can only be done with a high-quality polisher and a variety of polishing pads, ‘mops’ or wheels which are able to correct defects from the surface along with providing even deeper glosses and better clarity than hand buffing alone could produce. The two pads spin at high speed when switched on.

-Improves the brightness and lustre of a surface, making it more reflective.
-More efficient performance.
-Longer operating life.
-Minimal maintenance costs compared to manual operations.

Our polishing machines use rotary, vibratory, and tumbling action to polish materials.

Browse through the collection with their respective accessories to achieve a fine-shine look and finish!

Brands available:TM TOOLS, Shinetools, Shinano, Metabo

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