Sanding Machine

The sanding machine is a power tool designed to smoothen a rough surface, shape or eliminate surface debris the same as sandpaper. Sanding done manually is time consuming labour. Sanding machines are suitable for surface materials such as marble, wood, metal and more. The motor rotates the sandpaper or block. In a belt sanding machine, a loop of belt sander is attached over the barrels of the sanding machine and held together by the lever. Underneath is the sand plate that is allowed to glide across the surface without uneven pressure. Some sanding machines come with a dust bag for the dust collecting system to collect while performing sanding operations.

Sanding machines can also be used on stainless steel material together with stainless steel polishing machines to give it a mirror shine finishing.

Power sander uses ordinary sheets of sandpaper of different grit, to obtain the desire finishing outcome. The machine moves in curricular patterns or vertical orbits depending on the machine type, structure and volume of work.

Sanding Machines at Hup Hong Singapore have excellent velocity control and the grip handles are of ergonomic design.

Brands available: Shinetool, Chang Tjer, GRIGGIO, Metabo, Einhell

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