Plate Bending Machine

The plate bending machine referred to as plate rolling machine performs by rolling or bending sheet metal of various kinds into a round or conical shape. With a 3 roller bender machine, the two side rolls move horizontally and the movement of the top roll is upwards and downwards.The working principle of the machine prioritises thicker plates and therefore offers complete control of the bending capacity. With easy-to-use functionalities, the material is fed to the machine safely. An essential manufacturing equipment like the manual plate bending machine comes with versatile features, while maintaining a smooth linkage between the workpiece and roller once programmed.

Some specifications include:

1. Machine weight (ton)
2. Maximum thickness of rolling plate (mm)
3. Maximum width of the rolling plate (mm)
4. Rolling speed (M / min)
5. Minimum diameter of full load rolling plate (mm)
6. Main motor power (kW)
7. Overall dimension (length × width × height) (mm)

Both hand powered and motorised models can be used interchangeably.

Brands available: SAHINLER, DOM FHA, TTMC

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