PLASMA Cutting Machine

The plasma cutting machine is ideal for the cutting of steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other ferrous (metal) and non-ferrous materials. Featuring an integrated plasma torch, it not only cuts but also shapes your material with control and precision. It can be used with a variety of materials, including sheet metal, bar stock, tubing,and pipe up to ¼” thick.

For faster accurate cuts

Using a plasma torch, a high velocity jet of high temperature gas is blown at an intense speed through a nozzle while an electrical arc melts the metal and compresses air to blow away the molten metal. This gas is also known as ‘plasma gas’. Generally, the gas is chosen according to the metal that is used as the workpiece. 

Browse our range of plasma cutting machines that is easily movable and saves time with fast cuts. The precise beam can accommodate any shape or design of your choice. 

Brands available: TELWIN, UTEQ, AOTAI, WINNING

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