Manual Press

Our manual press machine has a hydraulic cylinder that is mounted vertically and is connected to a hydraulic pump system.
The pump must be manually operated with either your hand or foot. The enclosed pump system transfers the generated pressure to the cylinder. The compressed energy is released inside the cylinder, causing the internal hammer to strike the workpiece forcefully.
For stamping and marking, the metal forming industry frequently uses manual presses. Presses can also be used for numerous other manufacturing processes, such as riveting, staking, forming, punching, bending, crimping, piercing, assembling, broaching, and coining.

Smooth And Accurate Pressing With Excellent Control

Our manual presses provide constant, even pressure along the entire ram stroke. This enables precise tonnes to be reached at any point during the ram’s travel.
Also, our manual presses have the capacity to operate in multiple actions. You will have better control and a lower risk of harm to the machine or tools as a result. In addition, you can modify the press’s pressure to meet the needs of the application. In accordance with the task, you can modify the ram force, pressure release, direction, and speed.

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Brands available: TTMC, HANDIJACK, TOWER, OMCN

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