ACM 3HP 400V 3 Phase 50Hz Vertical Bandsaw Machine BS640, c/w accessories

SGD 9,000.00(excl. GST)

A bandsaw a machineĀ  is a powerful tool integrated into a long blade that comes with a band of sharp-toothed metal. As a flexible tool, bandsaw can cut through thick materials like lumber, wood, metal, plastic, and even meats and bones with neat cuts by sawing straight, in circles, or cutting curves depending on the shape of cutting tool. The process of cutting with bandsaw involves less waste material and sawdust. As the machine operates in a downward direction, bandsaws are safe to use and prefer having the workpiece placed firmly on a stable surface.


The concept of this machine is precision and speed cutting. Bandsaws are used in construction workstations, and at mass factories, technical schools, kitchens, and even hospitals, A bandsaw depends on the composition of cutting speed, blade size and throat capacity which consists of the distance between blade and frame. When performing on electric power, the teethed band rolls on l0op and is adaptable to any material composition.

  • Rubber-covered cast iron wheels
  • Tight bearings
  • Top sawblade guide bearing system
  • Suction dust hoos
  • Fence on table
  • Blade tension
  • Indicator
  • Tiliting table
  • Mechanical foot brake
  • Rack & pinion lifting system
Model 600 start
Flywheel diameter 600mm
Flywheel speed 820 rpm
Motor power 3 Hp/ 2.2 kW
Max. cutting height 370 mm
Cutting width 580 mm
Table size 600 x 875 mm
Blade length Min: 4520 mm| Max.: 4600 mm
Dust suction outlet 2 x 120 mm
Overall dimensions 1000 x 790 x 2000 mm
Packaging dimensions 950 x 600 x 2300 mm
Net weight 280 kg

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