EINHELL Battery Charger AFNM 8

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Robust and handy battery charger Type AFNM 8 with 2 voltage setting 6 V + 12 V and charging current switch for the car- and motorcycle batteries. This charger has been specially designed for servicing car- as well as motorcycle batteries. The charging progress can be seen on the built-in ammeter. The strong pole clamps warrant optimum contact with the battery poles. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a false poling and overload protection device and is housed in enamel-baked steel sheet housing with a carrying strap.
Tech Spec

Model AFNM 8 (10.231.10)
Main power 230V 50Hz
Charging current (car) 8 A eff. / 5.6 A arithm. (6V)
6.5 A eff ./ 4.6 A arithm (12V)
Charging current (motorcycle) 0.85 A eff / 0.55A arith (6V)
1.2 A eff ./ 0.8 A arithm (12V)
Voltage setting 6 V / 12 V
Suitable for lead batteries 20 – 120 Ah (car) / 3.7 – 30 Ah (motorcycle)
Weight 2.3 kg
Packing dimension 21 × 19 × 13cm

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