BT-AB 19/4 Kit

Manufacturer: HAOSHENG


The Air Brush Set Einhell BT-AB 19/4 is suitable for smaller painting jobs. The quiet and durable compressor allows you to paint perfectly with a constant working pressure. Due to the low weight and ergonomic carrying handle, the Air Brush Set is easy to carry around. In addition to the air compressor, the BT-AB 19/4 Air Brush Set includes an Air Brush spray gun, a 1.80 m long pressure hose and a storage box for the accessories.

Tech spec

ModelBT-AB 19/4 Kit
Main230V ~ 50Hz
Motor rating90Watt
Intake capacity19 l/min
Outpower power11 l/min (1bar)
9 l/min (2bar)
6 l/min (3bar)
Operating pressuremax. 4 bar
No of cylinder1
Product weight4.8kg
Gross weight5.6kg
Packing dimension265×152×305mm
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