Horizontal Receiver Mounted Type

7.5HP – 10HP, 230L vertical receiver.

Manufacturer: INGERSOLL-RAND

Cast Iron Frame and seperately-cast cylinders
Precise machined high quality cast iron cylinders with deep radial fins, suitable for heavy duty operation and longer life span.
Heat threated stainless-steel finger valve assembly
Provides a large flow area resulting in lesser heat and carbon build-up. Easy removal simplifies servicing.
Efficient finned intercooler tubes
Runs cooler, resulting in a more efficient compressor that consumes lesser power and last longer.
Balanced overhung crankshaft
Precision balanced for smooth running with replaceable crankpin bushing that protects the crankshaft from damage.
Rugged one piece connection rod
Solid-end precision type. No bolts or nuts which can come loose.
Centrigufal unloader for no-load starting
Prevents motor from starting under load. Eliminates possibility of motor burn out.
Factory -filled stnyhetic lubricants
Reduces carbon buildup. Extends lubricant change period. Improves compressor performance and increase compressor life.
Power7.5HP 5.6kW10HP 7.5kW
Piston displacement30.4cfm 862l/min40.5cfm 1149l/min
Free air delivery24.7cfm 700l/min34cfm 963l/min
Receiver size230L230L
Dimension1740 × 620 × 1130mm1740 × 620 × 1130mm
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