Manufacturer: HAOSHENG

  • Air tank, providing smooth air flow, zero pulse.
  • Twin cylinder, supply high air flow for many airbrushes.
  • Oil free, piston type; No air polluted.
  • With water filter, pressure adjustor and pressure gauge.
  • Auto start at 3bar/43psi, Auto sto pat 4Bar/57psi
  • Auto release air pressure function, start without any pressure, prolong the motor life.
  • Thermally protected inside.
  • Safety protect devices for air tank.
  • Can operate with small air nailed tools, spray gun
  • Low noise,47db
Speed1450/min (50Hz) 1700/min (60Hz)
Air flow35 – 40 L/min
Auto start3bar / 43psi
Auto stop4bar / 57psi
Working pressure0 – 6bar
Net weight21.6kg
Gross weight23.6kg

AS196 Airbrush Compressor Is Available On Lazada