Needle × pc : 3 mm × 23

Pneumatic Needle Scalers (3800bpm, 3mmx23) can be applied to cement board, rough processing of slate, cleaning brick and stone-work, carving stone, spot welding and slag operation, hull body rust removal operation, building decoration clearance, tile stripping operation, paint removal, except rust, train and body container , Aluminum alloy wheels playing sand trap operations.
GP-851G Features
  • De-slagging, de-sputtering of welds
  • Cleaning metal surfaces of rust and scale
  • Stripping paint
  • Cleaning castings
  • Removing cores
  • Cleaning castings
  • Removing cores
  • Cleaning bricks and stone-work
  • Carving stone
  • Chipping aluminium materials
Needle × pc3 mm × 23
Stoke speed3800 bpm
Length348 mm
Air cons0.35m³/min
Air inlet3/8″
Hose size8mm
Sound pressure92 dBA
Air pressure90 psi
Vibration4.7 m/S2
Net weight2.7kg
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