AK REELS Air Hose Reel RC2000-10

SGD 396.00(excl. GST)

Industrial Air Hose Reel – 10MM ID X 15M LENGTH 16BAR

Improve the life span and safety of your air tools with the AK Airhose. Air tools are ready for immediate use, and easily rewind when finished. Hoses can be kept out of the way by overhead or wall mounting of the unit or mounting to service vehicles. Once mounted the AK Air hose can follow the user with a 180 swivel action.

Combine this with the latest design ” Positive Latching Mechanism’, which automatically locks the hose to the desired length, you can place the AK Airhose in the best position for your workplace.

  • Polypropylene mounting bracket supplied.
  • 50ft (15m) of quality Australian Made hose.
  • Swivel action follows the user through 180A.
  • Neat & tidy.
  • Automatically locks hose to a convenient length.
  • Positive rewind action.
Model RC2000-10
Hose length 50 ft (15m) Premium Hose
Hose type PVC
Working pressure 250 PSI (1.7 MPA)
Hose I.D. 3/8″ (10mm) Nominal
Inlet size 3/8″ BSP
Outlet size 1/4″ BSP Male
Hose color Blue
Case color Red /Black
Unit construction materials Polypropylene Copolymer, Brass, Spring steel, Acetal, Nylon

**Please note: Due to ongoing development, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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