Autotronic 25

45A 1KW 12-24V 220V 1PH 50/60HZ(20-500AH) BATTERY CHARGER


Manufacturer: TELWIN

Battery charger with electronic control of the charging current, automatic interruption and restart (TRONIC), for charging lead-acid batteries with 12/24V voltage. Fit with switches to choose either anormal charge (MIN) or quick charge (BOOST) in the buffer mode (TRONIC) or drooping characteristic mode (CHARGE). The buffer automatic charge is adequate for maintenance free sealed batteries (GEL/AGM/START-STOP), while the drooping characteristic charge is adequate for free-electrolyte batteries (WET).
  • choice of output voltage, type of charge, charging mode
  • display of charging current
  • protection against overloads and polarity reversal.
ModelAUTOTRONIC 25 (807540)
Voltage230V | 50/60Hz | 1 Phase
Charging absorbed power300W
Charging voltage12 / 24V
Effective charging current18 / 12A
Rated charge current12 / 8A
Min. rated reference capacity30 / 20Ah
Max rated reference capacity225 / 180Ah
Adjustment positions4
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