Manufacturer: TELWIN

Multifunction electronic starter and tester, with LiPo lithium batteries for 12-24V starting of cars, vans, small boats, lorries etc.

Compact and lightweight, it guarantees the starting of vehicles even in polar temperatures (-20°C) thanks to the Ice Start function and self-regulates its operational functions according to the detected outdoor temperature (Temperature Control).

Startzilla performs control tests on the battery: voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator.

It acts as a power bank: with a USB output port (5V/2.1A) for electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, etc.) and an output with programmable voltage at 12,16,19V to power laptops and other devices.

It is equipped with high intensity led lamps with various function modes: white for fixed lights and red for alarm signals.

Protection against: polarity reversal, short-circuit, overvoltage (incompatible battery voltage), undervoltage (cut-off voltage), overcurrent, overheating, under-temperature, accidental contacts.

Complete with starting cables and wall charge.

ModelSTARTZILLA 3024 (829522)
Voltage100 – 240V
Starting voltage12 / 24V
Starting current800A
Max starting current3000A
USB ports voltage5V
USB port current2.1A
DC output voltage12 / 16 /19V
Jack port current3.5A
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