HITACHI 15HP 415V Lubricated BEBICON Air Compressor 11U-9.5V5A

SGD 300.00SGD 10,600.00(excl. GST)

Hitachi 15HP 415V Air Compressor –  FAD 1200L/MIN 260L TANK


The Hitachi lubricated (oi-flooded) Bebicon compressor is a heavy duty piston compressor designed to operate long hours. Suitable for manufacturing industries, automotive service workshops, spray painting and pneumatic tools.

Compressor Head

  • High performance.
  • High reliability.
  • Compact and light.
  • Easy to maintain.

Good Cooling Design

  • The cylinder head uses an aluminum alloy and ventilated rib to improve heat radiation and air capacity
  • The v-groove design id located between the discharge and suction chamber to reduce the heat transfer and improve air capacity.
Model 11U-9.5V5A 15U-9.5V5
Motor output 11 kW 15 kW
Cylinder diameter x stroke x no. of cylinders L) 105 × 85 × 2

H) 82 × 85 × 1

L) 110 × 110 × 2

H) 82 × 110 × 1

Compressor speed (min-1) 1050 1000
Compressor capacity (L/min) 1200 1650
Air tank capacity (L) 250 280
Motor Three Phase
Standard Accessories Pressure gauge, safety three valve, hose phase joint, V-belt, belt cover, silencer, stop value
Dimension W x D x H(mm) 1883 x 611 x 1102 2028 x 734 x 1222
Displacement L/min 340 462
Weight (kg) 340 462

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