EINHELL Hot Air Gun BT-HA 2000/1

SGD 35.00(excl. GST)

HOT AIR GUN 230V 2000W 350 OR 550 DEGREE C, AIR FLOW: 300L OR 500L/MIN,

  • 2 heat setting/airflow setting
  • Various sizes of nozzle
    • Colour rasper
    • Fishtail nozzle
    • Reflector nozzle
    • Defelctor nozzle
    • Cone nozzle 20 mm
    • Carrying case
    Model BT-HA 2000/1
    Air volume 150 / 300 / 500 l/min
    Number of air volume levels 3
    Air temperature 50 / 50 – 600 °C
    Number of air temperature levels Infinity variable
    Rated input power 2000W
    Weight (include power cable) 0.7kg
    Cable length 2.2m

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