CAYKEN 405mm Diamond Core Drill SCY-4050C, 405mm/ 16 Inch 5180watts with gear speed

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  • Heavy-duty drilling machines are capable of ultra-deep and precise drilling of hard objects
  • Diamond drilling machines, also known as rhinestone or concrete drilling machines. are a new type of tool designed  for drilling in reinforced concrete, masonry, rock, ceramics, and refractory materials.
  • Diamond drilling machined offer dust-free operation, high efficiency, and produce smooth hole walls
  • These machines are suitable for various applications, including equipment installation, water and electricity installations, gas installations, civil engineering quality inspection, airport runways, highways, railway construction, railway bridge tunnels, and other construction, quality inspection, and installation fields.
  • There are two types of speed-adjustable drilling machines: those with two-stage gear speed change
  • The speed-adjustable drilling machines are versatile, capable of drilling both large and small bits and working on both soft and hard materials
  • The motor speed control model of these machines includes features such as soft start, constant power, overload protection, and stepless speed regulation.
Model SCY-4050C
Concrete drilling range ~16″ (~405)
Rated voltage 110/ 220
Rated frequency 50~60
Rated input power 5180
No-load speed 280/550

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