COME-UP Electric Winch CWL-301L

SGD 250.00SGD 1,560.00(excl. GST)

300 KG X 60M X 6MM DIA. ELECTRIC WINCH 2300W 230V SP: 25M/MIN 50/60HZ

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy installation
  • Double mechanical ratchets brake provide instant and safe braking
  • Operates on standard household power supply
  • Wire rope comes with a safety-latch weight hook
  • Enclosed drum flange prevents ropes becoming trapped between drum and support castings
  • Emergency stop function switch is available upon request
Model CWl-301L
Lifting capacity 300kg at wire rope top layer
Lifting speed 16-25 m/min
Power source 1 phase, 220-240V
Motor rating IP44 2.3 kW x 11A series wound
Gear ratio 110:1
Maximum lifting height 29 m
Braking methods Electromagnetic( for motor ) | Double mechanical ratchets(for gear)
Wire rope 6 mm x 30m
Drum length 97 mm
Drum diameter 95 mm
Drum flange dia 190 mm
Mounting bolts pattern 142 x 94 mm ; 152 x 135 mm
Net weight 38 kg
Gross weight 40 kg
Body dimensions (L x D x H) 501 x 210 x 270 mm
Body dimensions (L x D x H) 630 x 395 x 350 mm

Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply. (60Hz motor available as option resulting in a reduction of lifting capacities by 20% and a speed increase of 20%

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