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1.5 +1.5MM 230V DIGITAL CAR SPOTTER 5.4 V Absorbed power at 60% : 2.8 kW

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Microprocessor controlled, spot-welding machine fit for applications in car body shops. The digital,multifunction control panel
allows the automatic regulation of spot welding parameters according to the chosen tool and sheet thickness. It is equipped with the
“STUDDER” kit for spot welding of screws, washers, rivets and special washers, sheet warming and upsetting.

Model DIGITAL CAR SPOTTER 5500(823174)
Main voltage 230V/ 1 phase/ 50/60Hz
Max no load voltage 5.4 V
Output current 3000A
Max absorbed power 11kW
Absorbed power at 60% 2.8 kW
Main fuse 16 A
Power factor 0.7 cosphi
Max spot welding on 2 side 1.5 mm + 1.5 mm
Duty cycle 3%
Protection class IP22
Dimension(L x W x H) 390 x 260 x 225 mm
Weight 29 kg


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