TELWIN LCD Display Digital Car Puller 5500(828127)

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Single phase mains voltage: 230 V, Main frequency: 50 / 60 Hz, Peak spot-welding current: 3800A

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Thanks to the implementation of the quick connection socket, now you can use the automatic gun supplied and the numerous tools specifically designed to facilitate everyday work (quenching, tempering, quick spot welding) in the body shop, that you can find also in the Digital Puller accessories kit.

The new pointing mass facilitates the preparation of the work area and positioning of the mass near the work area allows more efficient management of the current.

Simple & Intuitive
Thanks to automatic adjustment of the parameters based on the tool chosen, Digital Puller 5500 allows you to immediately get to work with considerable time savings. Set the thickness and you are immediately operational, a feature that makes Digital Puller 5500 unique on the market. The large LCD panel, unique in the market, allows an immediate and accurate set of parameters along with the tool selected.

The new shell and rear feet guarantee greater stability on the various support surfaces.

Microprocessor controlled, electronic system for repairing of metal sheets, fit for applications in car body shops.

The LCD digital, multi-function control panel allows the automatic regulation of spot welding parameters according to the chosen tool and sheet thickness.

Complete with automatic gun, work cable with pointing mass, extractor, spindle, pulling stars.

Model Digital puller 5500(828127)
Main voltage 230V | 50/60Hz | 1 Phase
Peak spot-welding current 3800A
Max no load voltage 5.6V
Max absorbed power 10.5 kW
Rated power x = 50% 1.8 kW
Main fuse 16A
Power factor (cos phi) 0.8
Duty cycle 1.5 %
Dimensions 39 x 26 x 22.5 cm
Weight 21 kg


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