DOM FHA Plain Folding Machine DFT-L650

SGD 2,154.00(excl. GST)

Simplicity of design allows these brakes to work in the most direct fashion. Easy to set up and operate. Body sections are welded steel plate, with heavy truss rods and braces for longer life greater strength. These brakes are standard with extension handles, counter balance, apron stop for repeat bends, and replaceable bushings at points of wear.

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Model DFT-L650
Usable bending length 650 mm (25″)
Bending capacity plate thickness 2.0 mm (14 GA)
Bending angle with less/more than 35 / 20 mm eedge 30 /45
Minimum clamping depth 16 nn (5/8“)
Shipping weight 72.5 kg

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