NIULI 1500 kg Lithium Battery Pallet Truck EPT15Q

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The new atom lithium powered electric pallet car is an edge series pallet car designed under the current light and lithium industry trend. Its design is compact and intelligent, but its goal is to provide end users with manufacturing cost material handling solutions. Atom continues to provide functions and solutions commonly used for high-end electric trucks, and uses the tillower controller to drive, making it a perfect solution for retail, small warehouses and intelligent lithium battery material handling, Fast and opportunistic charging without maintenance


Ergonomics & intelligence

  • Rudder stock design the rudder stock integrates a variety of functions and is easy to carry and operate. The LCD displays the battery charging level and fault code, which makes the truck condition on the aglance clear and the truck management safer. All switch buttons are integrated in the humanized touch position, which can be easily accessed by the operator
  • The structure of the truck is more compact than traditional manual and semi electric products, and provides customers with a new solution that can replace manual and semi electric products, thereby improving efficiency. More importantly, compared with the light weight of the traditional truck, it is caused by traction or lifting for the operator, and is low without sacrificing the strength of the frame. It is very suitable for the space requiring the weight of the truck

Rating capability & robustness

  • The frame of the PTEL5Q truck issur rounded by steel covers making the truck looking different and also the protection of comp
  • Forks with double sided Chapereinforcements and at the fork tips significantly increase strength and rigidity of the fram
  • Using 24V DC permanent magnmotor technology , mute . 210 mmwheel diameter . strong ability to pas
Model EPT 15 Q
Drive Battery
Load capacity/ rated load 1500 kg
Load centre distance 600 mm
wheelbase 1189 mm
Tires Polyurethane(PU)
Lift 115 mm
Height of tiller in drive position min./max 655/1160 mm
Height, lowered 80 mm
Overall length 1543 mm
Overall with 540/685 mm
Fork dimensions 50/160/1150 mm
Self weight 127/131 kg

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