GISON Air Angle Grinder GP-824GS

SGD 138.00(excl. GST)

GP-824GS is a small, 2″ air angle grinder. It features a maximum free speed of 15000 rpm. The Rubber Sleeve is designed to reduce vibration for added comfort and an easy grip. It is ideal for metal dressing, rust removal, weld preparation, and automotive bodywork fabrication quickly and efficiently.

Model GP – 824GS
Wheel size 50 mm
Max speed 15000 rpm
Air cons 0.56 m /min
Air inlet 1/4″
Hose size 6 mm
Sound level 95 dB(A)
Air pressure 90 psi
Vibration 2.5 m /s
Length 178 mm
Net weight 0.83 kg

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