DALI Pneumatic Type Pipe Cleaner Complete GQ-4

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  • Applicable for blockages in indoor facilities as in vegetable-rinsing basins, washing basins, kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, and bathing facilities.
  • Create a shock wave that strikes a clog at 0.7Mpa. Air pump clears clogged drains powerfully, quickly, and safely.
  • Easy and safe in operation. Inflate the pump with enough gas for the seriousness of the blockage, usually less than 0.4 Mpa; press the seal piston on the pipe opening and release quickly, the sudden air pressure will remove the blockages in the pipe.
  • The rubber seal piston can be used in both directions, for openings of different diameters and shapes.
  • Using air release extension pipes will accommodate a complex working environment.

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