DALI Drain & Sewer Cleaner Tools GQ SERIES

SGD 48.00SGD 81.00(excl. GST)


  1. GQ-38S-1 (Φ 6mm x 3m)
  2. GQ-38S-3 (Φ 6mm x 6m)
  3. GQ-50S-2 (Φ 8mm x 6m)
  4. GQ-50S-5 (Φ 10mm x 6m)
  • Applicable for household small pipes in lavatories, bathrooms, and kitchens, different types are provided to choose from.
  • Soft shafts are suitable for removing all kinds of complex indoor pipe blockages.
  • Soft flexible shafts are put in large metal barrels, to ensure cleaner and more convenient use.
  • Simple in structure, easy to handle. Release the locking screw, insert a soft shaft of a certain length into the pipe, latch the lock and rotate the handle, and press it, repeated operation will easily remove the pipe blockages.

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