TIGER KING Manual Pipe Cutter 32-76MM H2S-H4S

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  1. H2S pipe cutter is designed for rapid cutting of 25-75mm steel pipe, heavy-wall steel pipe and cast-iron pipe.  Cutting Thickness: 5mm
  2. The H2S pipe cutter operates with minimal cutter rotation (90-110 degree) as necessary for tight quarters.
  3. During cutting operation, there is no sparks, serving jobs with such special requirements.
  4. Portable and light weight, easy for transportation.
  5. Dimension: 500mm x 230mm x 100xx
    Weight: 3.1Kg
Model H4S H2S
Cutting capacity 2″ – 4″ 1″ – 2½”
Max pipe cutting thickness 5mm 6mm
Weight 6.5kg 3.3kg

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