SCHEPPACH Spindle Moulder HF 3000/S

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The scheppach hf 3000ci offers three different speeds; the speed set is shown on the electric rpm display. Precision is a matter of setting. The standard moulding fence, adjustable on both sides, can be set to the tenth of a millimetre. The precise adjustment of the moulding spindle is done by means of a hand wheel shown on a scale. A precision sliding table carriage with clamping device and tenoning attachment is offered as optional equipment. Using the corresponding profile cutters, the standard clockwise and anti-clockwise spindle rotation allows you to work the wood above the moulding tool. This is a safety feature, just as the standard motor brake.

Model HF3000/S
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Input power 2.8 kW
Output power 1.8kW
Speed 2800
Table Size 615 × 450 mm
Table opening Φ112 / Φ135 mm
Spindle Φ30 mm
Spindle height 100 mm
Spindle speed 3000 / 6000 / 9000 rpm
Tool hole Φ 30 mm
Suction connector Φ 100 mm
Dimension 66 × 61 × 105 cm

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